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Pursuing a career as a startup founder is one of the most difficult paths that anyone can take. The amount of uncertainty you face every day is more than most people can handle, and the odds are against you.

This is even more true for purpose-driven founders, who are first and foremost motivated by their mission to improve the lives of those they serve. These founders are playing the long game and have a higher bar for success. They must create a business that is not only economically viable but also effective at causing the impact they are out to accomplish.

At KeyChange, our venture design approach empowers purpose-driven founders to navigate the complexity of the early stage without compromising their mission. By integrating the latest startup tools with insights from ontology, game design, sensemaking, and beyond, our framework equips founders with the tools to find product-market fit while acknowledging the humanity of their customers, their employees, and their investors.

Let’s have the courage to look beyond growth, and design companies that thrive.


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Maksim Soltan
Founder, Avro.ai

"KeyChange transformed how I now view creating and running a startup.”

Ashleigh Marie Brown
Founder & CEO,
CLAIRE Fertility

"The KeyChange team is a wealth of precise and applicable information for founders."

Jameson Pitts
 Co-founder at Lynx

"We credit the KeyChange method almost entirely to the early traction that allowed us to raise our pre-seed round from an institutional investor.”

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We offer our suite of services either directly to founders or built into a program. In all of our work, we hold true to these values.

  • Dignity. We treat humans like humans, not like things. We value your unique perspective and are committed to you being heard and understood.
  • Tools. We will equip you with the right tools for the job that increase your competency as a founder.
  • Structure. Our trusted process, staged approach, and precise vocabulary will give you the clarity and confidence to know what to do next.
  • Collaboration. We are on your team. We will be your thought partners and collaborators as you take on the task of creating something important.
  • Community. We are building a community of awesome people who are committed to elevating standards in the world.

What We Do

KeyChange is a venture design practice that helps thrive-minded startup founders find customer traction, raise the right capital, and get to product-market fit. 

Founders playing the long game need a different kind of support than today’s venture industry provides. At KeyChange, we specialize in equipping founders with the language, tools, and strategies to more effectively translate these founders' imagination and ingenuity into the bright and sustainable future they want to build for all of us.

We work with founding teams directly and in partnership with mission-aligned programs and investors. Join us.

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